Ralph Hancock f.r.h.s.

Welcome to the website dedicated to the life and work of 
Clarence Henry Ralph Hancock f.r.h.s. Landscape Architect and Gardening Visionary. 
The links below will take you to the many aspects of his incredible life. 
From Boy Gardener to Gold Medal Winner at the Chelsea Flower Show and 
the Designer of Roof Gardens both in London and New York.

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Ralph Hancock with the Royal Family
at The Chelsea Flower Show, 1947

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The Roof Gardens Close

On 3rd January 2018, Virgin Limited Edition announced that they were closing the doors of The Roof Gardens. According to their website, the gardens have faced unpredictable market conditions and a challenge to remain profitable.

It is unclear of the exact date on which Virgin Limited Edition will hand-back the keys but one thing is certain and that is the Roof Gardens are and will continue to be one of London’s most spectacular and extraordinary landmarks eighty years after Ralph Hancock created them.

This website wishes to thank all of the wonderful staff at The Roof Gardens and at Babylon Restaurant for their kindness and support over the years. And, we wish them all the very best with whatever direction they take.