The Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Virgin Limited Edition, the owners of The Roof Gardens, have announced their plan for a very exciting garden at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show, being held between May 20th-24th, 2014.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the opening of The Roof Gardens, David Lewis, Head Gardener, has unveiled his ambitious plan for a Mediterranean style garden for the 2014 World Famous Show in London.

The artesan garden will be based on designs by Ralph, for the Roof Garden's own Spanish Garden, and for his 1939 Chelsea Flower Show, Mediterranean Inspired Garden.

Many of the features of both gardens, such as the wrought iron work and the moorish pillars will be incorporated into this new design. As will a large fountain, which was the focal point of the Spanish Garden in 1938 and at the 1939 show.

Here's a sneak peak of an artists impression of how the garden will look.

Chelsea Flower Show 2014 Virgin Limited Edition

Click here to see a larger version.

The Roof Gardens Artisan Garden at Chelsea 2014

Here it is. The finished garden designed by Roof Gardens Head Gardener, David Lewis and built by Land Designs.

Planting included; Allium christophii; Tagetes 'Bambino'; Actinidia deliciosa; Euphorbia x pasteurising 'John Phillips'; Alyigyne heugelii; Papaver orientale as well as roses, origanum vulgare gold and Pinus pinra and Olea europaee.

Moorish pillars and wrought iron balconies and the decorative gates from the Roof Garden's Spanish Garden added to the overall look of the final design. The fountain matched, exactly, the dimensions of Hancock's own central fountain used at the 1939 show.

Plaster render used within the garden was identical to the render at Kensington. The vibrant colour matched perfectly to that found in the Spanish Garden.

The garden was awarded a Bronze Medal in the Flora Range.