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With today's instant access to a world of information and all at the click of a mouse, imagine, if you will, how Ralph would have seized upon this technology to promote his extraordinary skills as a landscape architect.

The following links are a brief look at some of the delights that Ralph had created before and after World War Two. They include footage taken at both the Chelsea Flower Show and the Ideal Home Exhibition. There's even a radio interview with his granddaughter, Angela Buck.

On what would have been Ralph’s 127th birthday, BBC Welsh language service published an article on Ralph, his life and achievements. You can read the article here. The article is in Welsh but can easily be translated using an online translator such as Google Translate. It’s a fabulous article which contains some great information with accompanying photographs. 

Thanks to Llio Rhys at BBC Cymru. 

A delightful short film of the Chelsea Flower Show, 1939 (with sound).  The ideal Home Exhibition, 1947 (silent) and The Derry Gardens, 1938 (also with commentary).

Click here to view the video (running time 4'14")

A short extract from a British Pathe newsreel of the Chelsea Flower Show, 1949. The Queen seen with Ralph Hancock in his creation for that year.

Click here to view the video (running time 2'6")

Another extract from a British Pathe newsreel gives viewers a close up of Ralph's rustic cottage design and planting at the Chelsea Flower Show 1949.

Click here to view the video (running time 1'40")

This film, taken from the ITV 1, Countrywise programme, broadcast in 2009, has the Kensington Roof Gardens Head Gardener, David Lewis, talking with celebrity gardener, Rachel de Thame, about Ralph's 1938 creation, The Derry Gardens.

Click here to view the video (running time 4'09")

Broadcast on 14 March 2010, this BBC Radio Wales programme, 'Past Master', looked at the life and work of Ralph Hancock from a Welsh perspective. Those Interviewed include; David Lewis, Bob Priddle (Lecturer in Horticulture at Neath Port Talbot College), Robin Hull (webmaster of this site) and Angela Buck (Ralph's granddaughter).

Click here to listen again (running time 27'05")